Breakfast “Fontana Vecchia” with tasting of local products

– 1 cheeses (stracciatella cheese, ricotta, burrata, mozzarella, etc.).
– butter
– 1 cured meat (capocollo, raw or cooked ham, etc.)
– 2 homemade jams made from the fruits of our garden (cherries, figs, peaches, apples, quince, etc.).
– Fruit juice
– American coffee, Italian espresso
– Milk, tea
– bread
– rusks / cereals
– Homemade cake / handmade biscuit
– Croissants or similar
– Omelet or scrambled eggs
– Almost always seasonal fruit (depending on the time, of our garden, strictly organic).
The table, covered with tablecloths fabric (cotton or linen embroidered), is laid with ceramic plates and cups, glasses or ceramics and metal cutlery.

On request we also serve food for celiac.

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